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Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss
New Mothers
For new mothers to get back in shape
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Weight Loss
Home Maker
For those who have a busy schedule
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Weight Loss
PCOS & Thyroid
For patients with PCOD & Thyroid
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Weight Loss
Pre Wedding
Be prepared in time for the big occassion
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Weight loss products

(74 reviews)
Perfect Meal Replacement
Ready to drink in a minute. Skip that large bowl of salad.
(268 reviews)
6X Green Tea
Six times the anti-oxidants for faster, visible results
(46 reviews)
Lean Women Protein
For a lean, toned body. Great for hair, skin & nails
(17 reviews)
Lean Men Protein
For a lean & fit physique. Designed for long-term weight loss

Why choose myDaily

Backed by Research
myDaily Weight loss plans & products are backed by extensive research. Our products are designed to provide easy, healthy & effective weight loss
One on One - Personal Coaching
Weight loss is not just about food and diet plans. We provide you with the Motivation & emotional support that is needed to see this through.
Personalised Plans
Every person is different. Then why should your diet be the same? We find out what works best for you, and give you a personalised plan.
1 lac+ happy customers
More than 1 lac customers speak for the success they have achieved through our weight loss plans and products

Weight loss - Backed by research

A combination of high protein & high fiber meals spread evenly across your day with managed servings to ensure that you stay satiated & full of energy.High protein diet helps in weight loss. You eat lesser, feel fuller & burn more calories.Asia Pacific nutrition journal on "The role of protein management" hereHigh fiber diet leads to weight loss. Soluble fiber is linked with reducing belly fat by improving gut bacteria and satietyScientific Journal of Nutrition on "Dietery fiber and body weight" hereEat more with less. Smaller, frequent meals reduce digestion pressure, increase metabolism and help keep your blood sugar in check.The Journal of Nutrition on "Meal patterns and timings" here
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Lost 10 kgs ( PCOS )
My coach Sravani kept me engaged & motivated. They made small changes in my diet that worked.
Lost 10 kgs ( PCOS ) - Gudiya
Lost 13 kgs ( PCOS )
The perfect meal replacements were amazing. Tasty & easy, fit right into my busy schedule.
Lost 13 kgs ( PCOS ) - Neha
Lost 8kgs
The daily coach calls really helped. My goal was long term weight loss & I have achieved that.
Lost 8kgs - Hetang
Lost 8kgs
I am really happy that I was able to lose weight in time for my wedding. Thank you coach Prarthana
Lost 8kgs - Chitra

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myDaily was established in 2016 by IIT, IIM & ISB alumni with a vision to provide people with a scientific, healthy & sustainable method for losing weight.

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