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myDaily Meal Replacement is the Perfect Diet Food. It is completely vegetarian and has all the nutrition that your body requires and just has 460 Calories to keep you fit and slim. It has high protein, 25 minerals & vitamins and good amount of fiber to keep you healthy and active. The best part is it is ready in 1 min anytime, anywhere. You just need to shake with water and your perfect meal replacement drink is ready. It can be used as your quick breakfast, healthy lunch, nutritious mid-meal snack, light dinner, Diet Food for Weight Loss, comfort food during your travels, convenient meal on your treks, vegetarian meal when you travel abroad or thousands of other uses our customers love us for! We also do a FREE Diet Consultation with every order for anyone looking to lose weight, get a lean body, manage their diet or just know more about healthy eating. You can call/WhatsApp on 7400496231 or write to us at

Please choose the pack that works best for you. If you have any queries you can call 77108 50009

How to make your perfect meal

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