What are some diet based treatments for diabetes?

Hi, can someone help me with diet based treatments for diabetes. How can I keep my diabetes type 2 in check with simple diets?


  • Hi Anuradha, diabetes can be in control using a simple diet. I am noting down here some of the general pointers that you can use to make changes.

    •  In all diabetics, the amount and time of food intake, particularly the carbohydrates, should be controlled to prevent fluctuations of blood glucose beyond normal range.
    • Intake of refined sugar should be low as blood levels rise sharply shortly after consumption.
    • Patients should avoid feasting and fasting, they should not miss a meal or overeat.
    • Alcohol may be allowed only in moderation.
    • Sweeteners like sorbitol, mannitol have a lower calorie content than sucrose and other carbohydrates as also a low glycemic response.
    • Non nutritive sweeteners approved by the FDA like aspartame and sucralose must be consumed within the acceptable daily intakes. 
    • Preparations like roasted chanas, chapattis, sprouted dals and whole fruits are more suitable than boiled rice, khichdi, washed dals and fruit juices.
    • Supplementation of cereals with grams is beneficial. For all your example, using three part of whole wheat flour with one part of black gram flour in making chapattis, one part rice with one part whole pulse to make idli, dosa, khichdi, two part suji with one part of pulse to make upma.

    Diet for diabetes consists of small frequent meals with all nutrients in balanced proportions.

    Take care and keep fit!

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