How can I keep my sugar in control?

Hi, one of my parents has a high sugar. How can I help them keep the sugar in control? please suggest.


  • HI Gauri, You can keep your parent's sugar / diabetes/ blood glucose under check by the following steps :

    • Consume a high fibre diet, it will provide satiety in fewer calories and will also help in keeping blood sugar under check.
    • Stay away from processed foods. They are bad for your diabetes and your weight, both.
    • Eat smaller meals, to maintain a healthy blood level and avoiding bingeing.
    • Do not fast and feast.
    • Eat in accordance with your ideal body weight.
    • Eat fibrous, high protein snacks.
    • Stay away from all fried foods, they too are not good for diabetes and weight, both
    • Go for a walk daily, and while you do, carry some candy, sugar sachet with you, in case your sugar dips suddenly causing you to sweat and fall!
    • Add various types of cereals in your diet. Make your flour, multigrain by adding chana flour, ragi flour etc
    • Choose multigrain fibrous biscuits over usual ones.
    • Check your sugar regularly.
    • Eat more vegetables and legumes for satiety and diabetes control plus weight loss.
    • Egg salad, vegetable salad, chickpeas salad are easy to prepare and are healthy snacking options for your blood sugar and weight!

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