I have hypothyroid. Which foods should I eat to increase my metabolism?

I want to lose weight fast, and I have learnt that the best way to do it is to increase your metabolism. Can someone please recommend me foods that will help increase my metabolism if I have hypothyroid?


  • Protein rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy require a good amount of energy for their digestion and hence their consumption will raise your metabolism in thyroid. Iron, zinc, selenium boost your thyroid functioning. Therefore, meat, seeds, legumes should be consumed.

    Chilli peppers, tea, coffee, all speed up metabolism. Spices ginger, pepper, chilli serve as good options for hot beverages to boost metabolism for thyroid functioning and weight loss.

    Cocoa present in dark chocolates speeds up thyroid functioning. Salted nuts are a good snack for on the go!

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