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How to manage stomach acidity

More than 60% people suffer from regular acidity issues. You need not be one of them.
Deven Vyas
Deven Vyas
Jan 062 min read
How to manage stomach acidity

What is acidity?

To simply put it - Acidity or Stomach acidity in this case is when there is an imbalance of Acidic and Alkaline / Basic fluids. If acidity occurs rarely and is of mild nature, then it is safe to ignore. After all, we all do mess up our meals once in a while. But if your acidity is a cause for a burning sensation called 'Heartburn' and is a regular occurance, then it is time to take a thorough look at your diet.

Heartburn, feeling bloated or nauseaus, frequent hiccups, Dysphagia ( feeling of food being stuck in throat ), vomiting are all symptoms of acidity, light of severe.

What causes acidity?

Most common causes of acidity are lifestyle related - Improper meal timings, eating too much, eating too little, overly large gaps between meals are just some of the causes to list: 

  • An imbalance of basic and acidic foods
  • Eating processed foods too often
  • Simply being overweight can also cause acidity
  • Eating too many acidic foods like Citrus fruits, Garlic, Chocolate, Tomato
  • Overeating ( large meals ) for dinner and sleeping soon after
  • Medicines that relief pain and relax muscles
  • Drinking carbonated drinks, alcohol and smoking too often

How can you prevent acidity?

What is caused by bad lifestyle, can be fixed introducing positive changes and slowly improving your lifestyle. The process takes time and requires diligence. Good habits take time to form.

Some lifestyle habits that can help you:

  • Eat small meals, but more frequently
  • Practice mindul eating - Stop before you are full
  • Introduct lots of green vegetables and fruits into your diet
  • Dinner must always be light
  • Make sure there is at least 90 minutes of gap between dinner and sleep
  • If afternoon naps are your thing, introduce a gap between your lunch and nap
  • Non citrus fruits like Banana and Water melon
  • Drink buttermilk after lunch. Include Curd in your diet

That said, if you have severe symptoms like frequent GERD or Heartburn that persists and occurs very often, please visit a doctor since along with an improved lifestyle, you may need some medications as well.

Foods that help with Acidity?

There are foods that when had frequently and at the wrong time can cause acidity. Then there are foods that are more alkaline / basic in nature and can help balance out your stomach acidity. The trick to maintaining an acid balance in your body is knowing which type of food to eat at what time and in what frequency. Here is a list of foods that can help you control your stomach acidity - Foods that help reduce acidity

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