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Happy habits during this time of lockdown!

During this lockdown myDaily brings to you happy habit series. First three habits are here, give it a read.
Tanvi Malik
Tanvi Malik
Apr 173 min read
Happy habits during this time of lockdown!

The lockdown has extended and so have the chances for us to improve our diet and lifestyle. Research says it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and so we have the perfect opportunity to inculcate in our lives some good habits and break free ourselves of old, bad ones.

Eat Simpler Meals

  1. Simple meals are easier on the body. We are confined to our homes and are leading a sedentary life. Heavy meals will make us gain weight since calories will not be consumed.
  2. There is a scarcity of resources. Limited shops are functional with limited supplies. Online delivery sites are out of stock and staff. It is time to preciously use what we have.
  3. Easy to cook, one pot meals are advisable.
  4. Example, khichdi, dal chawal, pulaao, daliya, etc.

Eat on Time

  1. We have age old habits of late dinners and post dinner munchings. These do not allow our organs to rest and add not needed calories to the system.
  2. Timely dinner, that is, by 8pm allows adequate rest to the body and provides time for metabolism to take place. As the night progresses, our metabolism slows down. It's easier to gain weight if you eat late!
  3. This lockdown, make it a habit of eating dinner early and move towards a healthier lifestyle!

Drink More Water

  1. Staying at home, we might not have realised, the temperature has reached 35+ degrees! Summers are here but it doesn't reflect in our water intake.
  2. Water suppresses appetite, gets rid of waste and toxins from the body, relieves constipation, mobilises fat and even makes your skin glow!
  3. We all know we should drink more water than we presently are, but we don't. So, this lockdown, pick up a bottle, name it yours, fill it up and drink 2-3 litres of water everyday and make it a habit for a lifetime!

This lockdown, let us form healthy habits and improve our lifestyles. Watch out for more in our lockdown series! Here is the part 2 for some lifestyle habits during this lockdown to help you be a better person, each day!

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-Team myDaily

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