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What is money back guarantee on myDaily Weight loss Plan?

How being user focussed in our approach helped us gain confidence for a money back guarantee
Arpit Gupta
Arpit Gupta
Nov 182 min read
What is money back guarantee on myDaily Weight loss Plan?

Our weight loss plans come with a money-back guarantee. Do not believe it? 

We have seen that when people try to lose weight themselves or work with a dietician, they are unable to lose weight. The reason is that:  they either try extreme dieting or extreme exercise or they try social media tips.

None of these work! That’s why myDaily has scientifically designed weight loss plans which are easy to follow and effortless.

And with every weight loss plan, we provide a weight loss guarantee to the user. This is the minimum weight loss a user can expect if they follow our diet plans and use our recommended products. This can range anywhere from 1 kg to 7-8 kgs depending on the lifestyle, current BMI and eating habits.

So what is the money-back guarantee?

With every weight loss plan, you get a weight loss guarantee. If a user doesn't lose weight as promised, a 100% money-back guarantee is provided in our plans.

How can I avail that?

You do not need to avail it. With most of our plans, it comes by default. The health expert will explicitly tell you about it. In case it didn't happen, feel free to ask about it. 

What if I don't lose weight as myDaily told me?

if you've followed your diet plan and you don't lose weight as promised, we offer a 100% money back and refund your order value. No more questions asked.

What if I lose more kgs that promised?

Well, who wouldn't want that? :)

Does it come with trial packs or weekly/ 2 weekly packs?

Realistically, a week or two weeks is too little a time to acclimatize to the change in diet. It takes at least 10-15 days for the changes to kick in. Hence we don't offer a money-back guarantee in these plans. 

Any more questions? drop us an email at or call us at +91-+91 74000 47581

-Team myDaily 

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