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Why we launched weight loss plans and how they work

We started our weight loss plans earlier this year, because we now understand our users and their weight loss habits better
Arpit Gupta
Arpit Gupta
Apr 172 min read
Why we launched weight loss plans and how they work

myDaily has been a trusted brand when it comes to weight loss products for last 4 years. Our meal replacement shakes and high antioxidant 6x green tea has been the user’s favorite and have received 4.2+ rating continuously over the last 4 years on Amazon and Flipkart.

We’ve helped users with diet plans, weight loss plans, and consultation over these last years and over time got a thorough understanding of:-

  1. What kind of changes work to help lose weight

  2. An understanding of changes that users can keep following without any problem

  3. Plans that users can follow specific to their conditions such as hypothyroid, PCOD, PCOS, hypertension or high sugar. 

  4. Scientific and trustworthy way to lose weight.

With this experience and information, we now believe that we have the right mix of knowledge, experience, and understanding of how weight loss works for users. Hence, we kick-started our weight loss plans earlier this year to help users lose weight for the long term.

We, at myDaily take pride in being transparent and scientific. So our weight loss plans also follow the same:

  1. We try and understand your work day and weekend lifestyles, eating habits, preferences and more with our free diet analysis.

  2. We provide users with a realistic goal of how much can we help them lose weight. This realistic goal becomes the basis of our money back guarantee

  3. We follow a thorough, scientific way to help improve metabolism and hormonal balance through custom diet plans every week

  4. We gradually introduce our proven myDaily health foods into your meal plans such that they suit your current lifestyle, conditions and fitness goals. 

  5. We measure, track and analyze progress at each step. Helping users keep motivated and reach their goals.

Now with more than 10,000+ happy customers, we are empowered to help more and more users in reaching their fitness goals. So what are you waiting for?

Get your free diet analysis today.

-Team myDailly.

Our belief

myDaily was established in 2016 by IIT, IIM & ISB alumni with a vision to provide people with a scientific, healthy & sustainable method for losing weight.

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