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Navratre - Eating Tips & Guidelines by myDaily

What to do to not gain weight as well as continue our weight loss journey- here are a few handy tips that will help you!
Angel M
Angel M
Oct 173 min read
Navratre - Eating Tips & Guidelines by myDaily

During navratri our usual diet becomes a” fancy one”, including sweet,sugary and fried food items. This automatically increases the caloriintake and results in increased weight. Also if you are on any particular diet that also gets disturbed and fluctuation occurs.

So, What to do to not gain weight as well as continue our weight loss journey- here are a few handy tips that will help you! Here you go:


That’s one major step you can follow, including lots of water. Water makes you eat less and eases digestion even if you include a bit of fried or sweet food items.

Also you can include coconut water, green tea, herbal tea and juices during the fasting period, this will help you to stay hydrated.


Fruits and veggies being excellent sources of fibre and antioxidants, give you a feeling of fullness and prevents any ill effect of fried food items. You can go for options like- banana, sweet potato, apple, bottle gourd and pumpkin during this time.

These will aid you in weight loss as well so be generous and grab at least two fruits in a day!


Long gaps between meals result in eating much more than what is required, thus take small meals in between major meals and just in case if you are taking only one major meal in the day then include at least 5 small meals like fruits, lassi, coconut water, nuts and curd with fruits. This will automatically not make you hungry and you will eat in the required amount only.


The tradition of celebrating our festivals with sweets has always been there but you should always keep a check on this. These sweets may make you crave but at the same time the sugar content of the sweets will increase your calorie intake. So unfortunately you have to make sure either to burn those calories or just simply limit the intake.


The easy way to please yourself is increasing the intake of milk and milk products as it will keep you fuller longer. Also milk being a source of protein so anyways it will make you stronger with calcium and phosphorus in it. The dairy products like curd, yoghurt, lassi and chach will enhance your gut health.


During this fasting period, we usually become a bit lazy. This needs to be taken care of, so at least walk for 10 mins after each meal. This will help your body to stay active and burn calories.

To summarise,  Increase water intake, fruits and veggies and dairy products. Walk after every meal and burn more calories!

We at myDaily help users with their weight loss and fitness goals. We believe in healthy, balanced and kitchen based meals. Want to know more?

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-Team myDaily

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