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How weight affects your ability to conceive

A short guide on why your weight has a direct impact on your ability to conceive
Miloni Nandu
Miloni Nandu
Oct 132 min read
How weight affects your ability to conceive

Most women worry about their  weight for two primary reasons.

  1. First - For their appearance 
  2. Second - When they face a serious health issue  like Diabetes or Thyroid.

But we often forget about one important reason - One which can have more significant impact on their daily lives - Their Menstrual Cycles

Let’s Understand how:
A woman’s ovaries produce hormones progesterone and estrogen. Estrogen helps build a cushion for your uterine lining also known as endometrium - Which helps nourish your fertilized egg. But If fertilization doesn’t take place then woman’s body naturally sheds that lining through a process called Menstruation or more commonly as Periods. Menstrual cycle for every woman is different and mostly falls between 24 and 38 days. If your Menstrual Cycle is less than 24 days or more than 38 days, your periods are considered to be irregular which could be due to being under weight or over weight. Rapid changes in weight have also been known to affect your Menstrual Cycle.
Let see how Weight Gain and Weight loss affects your Menstrual Cycle:

Obesity ( Overweight ) and Menstrual Health:
Too much Estrogen: Obesity causes an imbalance in the ovulatory function in women. Also, adipose tissue (or fatty tissue) is a possible source of the hormone estrogen. Therefore, presence of extra estrogens causes a disruption in the normal menstrual cycle and can cause the periods to be heavy, irregular and even lead to missed periods.
Being over weight may reduce fertility: Various studies have showed that Obese women tend to have more menstrual irregularity as compared to nonobese women particularly with a high BMI and abdominal obesity which was seen to be associated with menstrual irregularity, which in turn resulted in higher rate of infertility in women.

Underweight and Menstrual Health:

Lack of Estrogen: Underweight women and women with eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, keeping themselves in Starvation for longer period of time, excessive physical activity that result in extreme weight loss may also be unintentionally impacting their menstrual cycles. These women may be so underweight that their bodies simply stop making estrogen

How can you check whether you have a proper Menstrual Health?
1.    Start tracking your cycle monthly and keep a note on it.
2.    Make sure you consume a Healthy Balanced Diet.
3.    Do not gain large amount of weight or exercising excessively and losing a significant number of pounds as that can impact on your production of hormones, specifically estrogen, and hypothalamic functioning, potentially changing the regularity and length of your menstrual periods.

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