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Tips to lose weight without dieting

One can approach weight loss with multiple directions and dieting needs not be one of them. Read more on how you can lose weight without dieting
Tanvi Malik
Tanvi Malik
Apr 173 min read
Tips to lose weight without dieting

Do you love food and dieting seems like a punishment? Do you want to lose weight without making changes in your diet? Find out how!

Drink Loads of Water

Water is a key part of any weight loss programme. It is necessary for helping the body remove fat and for general overall health. The following are some of the things that water will help the body with.

  1. Suppress appetite
  2. Assist the body in metabolising stored fat
  3. Reduce sodium build up in the body
  4. Reduce fluid retention problems
  5. Reduce fat deposits in the body
  6. Helps maintain proper muscle tone
  7. Ride the body of waste and toxins
  8. Relieves constipation


  1. By the time your body says, "I'm thirsty" you are usually several quarts short. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day!
  2. Keep your personal handy bottle of half or 1 litre and aim to consume 2 litres at least before dinner.
  3. Make detox waters in case taste of plain water bothers you.
  4. Don't eat dinner until you've finished drinking your daily water requirement.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids, like plain lassi, vegetable soups, etc.

Physical Activity

Exercise is as important in weight reducing regime as the diet itself. Exercise benefits everyone by improving fitness, changing body composition, controlling weight and improving stamina.

  1. Initially, moderate levels of physical activity for 30-45 minutes, 3-5 days per week, should be encouraged.
  2. Besides vigorous exercises such as skipping, jogging, swimming, expend many calories.
  3. There are yoga asanas which help reduce fat from specific areas of the body. 
  4. Extremely obese persons may need to start with simple exercises that can be intesified gradually.
  5. Initial activities may be increasing small tasks of daily living such as taking the stairs or walking or swimming at a slow pace and with time, depending on progress, the person may engage in more strenuous activities.

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Easy tips that doesn't include dieting

Here are some small, but impactful tips that you can inculcate in your daily lifestyle to help you lose weight slowly. 

While eating:

  1. Eat slowly, give your brain time to process that you've had enough.
  2. Eat without distractions. You are likely to eat less.
  3. Chew thoroughly, it improves digestion. 
  4. Use smaller plates.

Lifestyle Tips

  1. Get more sleep. Let your body work and metabolise.
  2. Reduce stress. You are likely to eat more when you are stressed.
  3. Go for morning/evening walks.

What to do when you're hungry?

  1. If you get the urge to eat when not truly hungry, distract yourself. (Call up a friend, do a chore, go for a walk)
  2. Try to accomplish some small thing instead of going backwards on your diet. Try spot jogging for just 3 minutes. It will also give you time to think about what you are doing.

When to eat?

  1. Eat in smaller portions, eat small frequent meals. 
  2. Don't eat beyond 8 pm or try Intermittent Fasting.
  3. Food stuff should be kept only in the kitchen, not in easy sight.

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